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How to plan a wedding on a budget!

Congratulations! You are engaged! Such an exciting time ahead – planning your dream wedding. But figuring out your wedding budget can be so confusing and frustrating. If you don’t want to spend loads of money on one day, follow these tips to plan a budget wedding you will LOVE.

Have a wedding budget talk – Everyone paying for the wedding (bride, groom, and parents) needs to sit down and look at the overall total of your wedding budget. Possibly this is your first budget experience with your soon-to-be hubby (and family). An experience like this: Priceless. This experience will learn to talk honestly and openly about how much you are willing to spend. (And can spend) The budget talk will not be your favorite thing to do in this world, but do you still want to pay for your wedding on your first anniversary? Give your budget a little breathing room – since unexpected expenses will stick their head out.

Limit your guest list – Less is more! A smaller wedding guest list results in lower wedding costs, you book a smaller venue (about half the cost of the average wedding). You might feel tempted to put a guest list together for all the people you have ever met, but every guest is an expense. Harsh, but true. Some experts suggest making a guest list and cutting it then by 20 percent and then by another 20 percent. Not sure if you must invite someone? Did you have a decent conversation in the past 8 months, if your answer is No – they don’t have to be on the list.

Marry out the season or during the week – To get married during the week or off-season is one of the easiest ways to cut costs for your wedding. Have a winter wedding on a Friday or Sunday.

Look for a venue with no corkage or make it a cash bar – To bring your own drink to your venue can significantly cut the cost of your wedding. Provide champagne for the toast but after that, let guests pay for their own drinks. The alternative is to make it an open bar just before dinner and after dinner switch to a cash bar.

Re-think about your wedding flowers – This is probably now one of the most expensive options for your wedding. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on your wedding flowers. Greenery in your bouquet will help you to keep costs down. Choose flowers in season.

Pick a wedding venue close to your home – a wedding far from home is expensive for you and your guests because that involves traveling and accommodation for the night. Remember: Home is where the heart is.

Make your own dessert bar – It’s not necessary to have a wedding cake and dessert. Use your wedding cake for dessert. But if you wish to have a wedding cake, use a dummy wedding cake. Save money by decorating a three-layer foam cake. Alternatively, get cupcakes or donuts and arrange them in tiers. No one will miss your three-layer wedding cake.

Whenever possible: do it yourself – your fiancé and you will save big by doing things yourself. Try using seasonal food and décor.


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